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About us


Professional-Technique Expert (PTExpert) is a registered business in Québec. Our objective is to provide engineers and professionals the necessary training to deal with the daily challenges in their practice. The training is based on the understanding and use of techniques for solving problems in practice. PTExpert offers refresher courses for engineers and professionals to acquire knowledge and advance their careers. PTexpert training program is recognized by the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) and we are a Participating Partner (Recognised Quality Learning Provider).  Continuing Education Units (CEUs) can be issued to Professional engineers according to EIC standards.

The training program we offer at PTExpert contains a variety of courses aimed ease, understanding and implementation of engineering projects of practical solutions and construction faced by engineers and professional technicians in their professional careers. To target the desired objectives through training, PTExpert provides engineers and technicians experienced teachers with lots of experience in the design and supervision of major projects.

Engineering techniques are continually developing and codes and standards change accordingly. To be on the cutting edge of technological advances, engineers and technical professionals must follow this evolution that faces them in their careers. Our goal is to target excellence and transfer of knowledge and know-how to engineers and technicians to help them understand and acquire knowledge according to the technological advances. Engineers and professionals will find the training program at PTExpert very useful to improve their knowledge and acquire professional development.


Our program meets engineers' technological expectations and offers:

  • The development of professional engineers and techniciens

  • The transfer of knowledge and know-how

  • The improvement of technical knowledge and skills  

  • Tailor-made courses for your technical staff

  • The certification


In addition to tailor-made training, our program also covers research and development. Our specialization courses focus on the academic class and provide a link between theoretical development and practice. Through these courses, university engineers are brought together with practicing engineers to improve existing codes and standards and to solve practical problems.

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