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Language: English


Rate: 575 $ + taxes


Students 250 $ + taxes



Soil interaction structure is very important for overall stability of a structure when the soil is taken into account. This course introduces the basic concepts of soil dynamics and earthquake engineering and shows how to model structural systems including their foundation soil. The application of static and dynamic "seismic" modeliing analysis is illustrated through numerical examples of buildings and bridge structures including their foundations.




  • Master the basic concepts of soil dynamics and structural dynamics;

  • Identify the soil parameters to be considered for a soil-structure interaction study;

  • Identify soils vulnerable to earthquakes;

  • Model a structure taking account of the soil;

  • Develop knowledge for the analysis of structures in seismic zones taking into account soil-structure interaction 




One day



  • Introduction to seismic waves

  • Earthquake properties and seismic hazard


Soil behavior during an earthquake

  • Identification of soil parameters

  • Models for dynamic analysis

  • Dissipation of seismic energy

  • Response spectra of seismic movements

  • Dynamic response of systems to a degree of freedom;

  • Philosophy of finite element modeling in soil interaction structure:

  • Static: Finite element;

  • Dynamics: finite elements and the notion of absorbing boundaries;

  • Application: modeling by the finite element method in linear dynamics and introduction to modeling in interaction soil structure in dynamics under seismic excitations


Who Should Attend: 

Civil engineers, structural engineers and geotechnical engineers, contractors, professionals involved in the design and construction of foundation components for structures, students and researchers. Participants should have basic knowledge about structures.


Instructor:  Mohammed Naimi, P.Eng., M.Sc., Ph.D.



Dr. Naimi is a professional engineer with expertise in earthquake engineering, structural dynamics and soil-structure interaction. He holds a bachelor's degree, a master's of science and a doctorate degree. He taught and applied structural dynamics, earthquake engineering courses for 36 years. During his academic career, Dr. Naimi has contributed to the publication of several scientific papers in earthquake engineering and has participated in the design of several bridges, buildings, dams and tunnel structures. In addition, he has trained many professional engineers in Canada and abroad. Currently, Dr. Naimi is an expert at Cima+ in Montreal and instructor for professional engineering courses at PTExpert.

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